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Assembly & Care

Put together like a puzzle, preserved with a little TLC. Here you’ll find assembly instructions and tips for keeping your sofab looking so new.

Assembly Instructions

Let’s get building! These handy instructions are here to guide you.
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Tilly Small Chofa Sectional

Tilly Get-Along Chair

Tilly Sofa

Tilly Wedge

Wilder Sofa

Wilder Get-Along Chair

Wilder Wedge

Care Instructions

Let’s get building! These handy instructions are here to guide you.
Life happens in the living room. Our furniture is designed to stand up to the every-day, but a little love from you goes a long way.

Some TLC

Dust or dirt accumulation is natural in any environment. Routine vacuuming and dusting an easy way to keep your sofab furniture in tip-top shape. Your couch will thank you!

Fabric Care

Because we use tightly-woven upholstery for durability, we recommend vacuuming weekly or as needed to prevent dirt accumulation.

For velvet upholstery, a plastic vacuum attachment might scrape the fabric. We suggest using a soft-bristle attachment to remove any dust or dirt particles. Placing pantyhose over the nozzle and lightly brushing the upholstery will also work nicely.

Legs for days—and years

Our couch legs are made from solid rubberwood and reinforced with an interior metal frame. Using a non-abrasive cloth, dust your sofab’s wooden legs monthly to prevent dirt build-up.

For light scratches or marring, lightly rub a walnut (yep, a walnut!) over the affected surface.

Spills & stains

Never rub, always dab! Using a mild detergent, lukewarm water, and paper towel, blot the stain to extract the offending substance from the weave.

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