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Crafted for keeps

At sofab, we keep raising the bar for ourselves, striving for swoon-worthy styles and construction that lasts. We’re there for our furniture from design to delivery and beyond. Not loving sofab in your space? We’ll welcome our baby back with open arms. But we’re pretty sure it’ll be love at first sit. Here’s our recipe for couches that are so, well, fab.


Relax like you mean it. When you sink into a good couch, there’s more than plushness at play. Seat height and depth, cradling, angle and pitch—our sofa engineers calculate ideal dimensions for the comfort you crave.


It’s what’s inside that counts. At the heart of a sofab sofa is a nifty and, frankly, ingenious trampoline-style decking. Go ahead—bounce away! Thanks to a durable metal and wood frame, your couch can take it.


Pretty smart and smartly pretty. Modular or mid-century, natural tones or pops of color, we design to tickle today’s fancies, while always keeping an eye on the future for furniture that’s fashionable for years to come.


Welcome to getting more bang for your buck. To saving some moola without sacrificing style. Wallet-wise policies like free shipping and no-stress returns ensure peace of mind.

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