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At the heart of a sofab sofa is some downright brilliant engineering. We're nerds about cushion construction, cradling, and making sure style doesn't skimp on sit-ability. That’s what makes our couches so comfy.

Cushion Construction

What makes a great cushion is a magic combo of fluff and firm. At first sit, people judge cushions on their plush factor, thinking a cushy seat is all there is to comfort. But a cushion that’s all soft and no strength is like plopping down on a pillow—you’ll quickly sink right to the bottom. Lucky for you, our sofab seating engineers have developed a secret sauce.


Small but mighty springs band together for durability that survives sit after sit.


Cushioning: Check! Sturdy sit: Check!


Don’t look so puzzled. By baffled, we mean each seat is quilt-stitched to keep the top layer of cushy fluff in place over time.


What is cradling? In nerd-speak, it’s how a couch’s cushions, seat deck, and suspension displaces a person’s weight across the surface area. Our patent-pending webbed textile deck—or as we like to call it, the trampoline—evenly distributes weight through the seat deck for super comfy cradling. No weird tailbone pressure points like you get with springs.

Style that sits well

Some styles sure look handsome, but they don’t always lend themselves to comfort. That’s why our mid-century-inspired sofas have been engineered with both style and sit in mind. You’re not just getting a sleek piece for your living space—you’re getting a mid-century look you can also get comfy with.

Cue up the comfort

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