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It’s what’s inside that counts. At the heart of a sofab sofa is a nifty and, frankly, ingenious trampoline-style decking. Go ahead—bounce away! Thanks to a durable metal and wood frame, your couch can take it. Lush fabrics and sleek wood legs keep our sofas as thoughtful outside as in.

Trampoline Decking

What makes a great cushion is a magic combo of fluff and firm. At first sit, people judge cushions on their plush factor, thinking a cushy seat is all there is to comfort. But a cushion that’s all soft and no strength is like plopping down on a pillow—you’ll quickly sink right to the bottom. Lucky for you, our sofab seating engineers have developed a secret sauce.

Frame Features

The bones of our sofas are made of metal and engineered wood. Each frame features reinforced joinery, where precision-cut pieces fit together like a puzzle and are reinforced with the likes of screws, staples, eco-friendly glues, and corner blocks. Compared to others in the biz, that’s really dang strong.

Puzzle-Like Assembly

We’re not talking a thousand-piece jigsaw. Our sofas are actually easy to put together. While most other couches in the industry rely solely on assembly hardware, like bolts or clips, our frame also interlocks like a puzzle. That means key connections aren’t just held together with hardware. Rather, the strength of the sofa is reinforced by the seat deck, front rails, and back rails nestling into the arms, locking it all together.

Put to the Test

We put our couch designs through the lab equivalent of several years of sitting in a home environment, cycling weights at various levels of resistance. We also had eight (yep, eight!) of our team members line up on one trampoline seat deck and jump around. If the seat deck didn’t bounce back, we wouldn’t be bragging about it.

A Leg Up

While some comparable couches require an unsightly fifth, even sixth leg for support, sofab designs can stand on their own four feet. Our stylish legs bring mid-century modern flair and solid hard-wood sturdiness.

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