Due to COVID-19, sofab has temporarily suspended fulfillment to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Please check back soon and stay safe!


We love good, honest numbers. They’re tough to argue with. That’s why we turn to numbers to keep our comfort and quality in check and ensure the best value.

How we measure up

How do we stack up to our cohorts in the industry? Feast your peepers on these numbers.


At sofab, everything we create, from ideas to designs to manufacturing, comes straight from us. Our factories are just that—ours. Lots of furniture companies can’t say that. Because sofab ships right to you, costs are kept down and pricing stays honest. That means you get all the quality craftsmanship without socking it to your wallet.


Why it matters: Those two inches make a big difference in comfort for taller folks. A deeper seat also gives a more relaxed sit, rather than a formal one.


Why it matters: Every inch counts when friends are piling on for movie night or you and your Irish wolfhound both need a nap. Go ahead and stretch out—there’s room to.

Angle & pitch

Why it matters: The angle of a couch’s seat-back helps determine whether or not it’s made for lounging. Our team has engineered a seat-back with a 13-degree pitch—that’s good ‘n’ comfy.

Policies for your pocketbook & peace of mind


Give your wallet a rest. We’re happy to cover delivery costs so you get more bang for your buck. At sofab, shipping is always on us for folks in the lower 48.


You can’t please everybody. If you don’t love your sofab in real life, we’ll welcome our baby back within 30 days of delivery. That kind of peace of mind? Priceless.

See the value for yourself

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